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Lessons from defeat that have ignited a passion for learning

Adversity itself is not what defines us. It is how we react to that adversity and the choices we make that creates who we are and how we will persevere. The Fire Within: Lessons from defeat that have ignited a passion for learning is a compilation of stories from amazing educators who have faced personal adversity head on and have become stronger people for it. They use their new-found strength to support the students and teachers they work with. They are sharing their stories with a hope that others in the same situations might not feel alone, knowing that in our darkest hours, when our situations feel the most hopeless, is when we develop the extraordinary characteristics that make us who we are at our very cores.

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Finding our passion and purpose for learning among the embers

Maybe you’re the teacher who loves their job but would do anything to help your burnt-out colleague.

Maybe you’re the teacher that thinks back fondly to the days when you loved your job. Now, you spend more time looking to go elsewhere than engaging with education.

Maybe you’re the administrator who is struggling with the climate and culture of your school but cannot put your finger on what’s really happening.

Maybe you’re the dissatisfied administrator.

The purpose of this book isn’t to judge any educator based on where they are on the continuum of engagement. The purpose is to provide the words that people need to describe their feelings so they can move toward healing.

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Challenging assumptions and limitations to create a culture of innovation

The concept of being innovative can be made to sound so simple. We think of a new idea. We take a risk and implement the new idea. We fail, learn, and move forward. But what if the development of the innovative thinking isn’t the only roadblock? What if so much of your day is spent solving the issues around you that even the attempt at developing new ideas is not even on your radar? What if you long to have more divergent teachers in your school district or to be that divergent teacher, but you simply don’t know where to start?

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A weekly guide to reigniting your love of teaching, building resilience, and fighting burnout and disengagement

The Educator’s Matchbook is a weekly guide for educators looking to reignite their love of teaching. Part I begins with background and defining information about educator engagement and disengagement and mental health. The preface to the book Reignite the Flames: Finding our passion and purpose for learning among the embers is also included.

Each week includes goal setting, emotion tracking, boundary setting, a mindfulness journal, and a gratitude journal. Also, each week includes a minimum of one gratitude, mindfulness, or resilience activity that you can try. To round out the week, there is an educator activity meant to get you thinking about your purpose in education and finally, an end-of-week review.

You can do this. This book can help get you there.

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