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The Five-A-Day System

A productivity system created by an ADHD-er for people who feel a lack of motivation

but still need to get sh*t done.

Ever felt like you're drowning in to-dos? "The Five-A-Day System: A Productivity System Created by an ADHD-er for People Who Feel a Lack of Motivation but Still Need to Get Sh*t Done" is here to throw you a lifeline.


Written by Mandy Froehlich, who's been in the trenches of the doom-scrolling and procrastination battle herself, this book is a real-talk guide to getting things done without losing your mind. Regular planners and to-do lists? They just don't cut it for everyone. That's why she's cooked up the Five-A-Day System - a down-to-earth, doable approach to managing your daily tasks. It's not about writing down a million things you'll never do. It's about picking the right mix of tasks and actually knocking them out, one satisfying checkmark at a time.


This isn't your average productivity book. Froehlich shares her own struggles with ADHD and procrastination with a mix of empathy and honesty that's like chatting with a friend who's been there. The book is packed with step-by-step directions for setting up the system, workbook pages to get you into the groove, and 26 weeks of planners to keep you on track.


Whether you're a student juggling assignments, a busy professional with deadlines looming, or just someone trying to keep up with life's curveballs, this book is your ticket to a more manageable, less stressful way of getting things done.


Dive into "The Five-A-Day System" and find out how to transform your daily grind into something you can actually handle. With Froehlich's guidance, you'll learn how to tackle your to-do list with a sense of accomplishment and maybe even some box-checking fun. Say goodbye to the overwhelm and hello to getting sh*t done!

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