My #oneword for 2018

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

I do absolutely love the #oneword movement. It’s far more than a fad to me. It forces me to choose a focus and a motivation all in one word. And for me, choosing my #oneword is serious business. Last year, I got a tattoo of my word Relentless. Nothing says dedication by permanently etching the word into your skin.

Participating in this activity forces me into deep reflection twice a year: once when I choose it, and once at the end when I’m selecting my new one. Did I live up to what I had chosen? Were there times I didn’t? What could I have changed about myself in those moments to live up to my word? For me (and so many others) it’s about more than a tweet declaring your affiliation to one particular word, it’s a mindset…an attitude. What do I want to look like going forward? How can I put that into one word to hold me accountable and keep me inspired?

For me, both personally and professionally, I am more than willing to say goodbye to 2017. It has been a rough year, and I must’ve had a feeling that I was going to need my Relentless #oneword last year because I had no other choice but to be that way or I would have folded several times over. My word crossed my mind every single time that something happened that made me question my abilities to handle whatever situation I was in. I developed a general rule for myself for smaller disappointments: you can feel bad about this for one day, then take control and move ahead. For larger issues, it was what kept me getting up in the morning and facing the day head-on when I wanted to stay in bed under the covers away from the world. Remembering my one word gave me my attitude adjustment over the course of the year. It kept me going in times of difficulty, and in times of calm, it was the catalyst for leaping forward. In some ways, as silly as it sounds, it was my lifeline for remembering who I was and where I was going.

This year, I have given significant thought to my #oneword and it came to me in a lightbulb moment. I’ve used it multiple times when discussing my Hierarchy of Needs for Innovation & Divergent Thinking series, but when it actually dawned on me that this was it, I was thinking of Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken”.

frost r.jpg

I already know that this will be a year, both personally and professionally, where there will be delicate decisions and major changes. But, one thing I’ve learned over the course of my life, that I truly believe, is that nothing worth it is ever easy. So, I’ve decided to go with Divergence as my #oneword2018, knowing