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Finding our passion and purpose for learning among the embers

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“In her deeply empathetic book, Mandy Froehlich has curated some of the essential attributes for engaging educators at every level.  On nearly every page are compelling stories, practical advice, and endless inspiration for reengaging with the love of learning and teaching.”

–Daniel H. Pink, #1 New York Times bestselling author of WHEN and DRIVE

Maybe you’re the teacher who loves their job but would do anything to help your burnt-out colleague.

Maybe you’re the teacher that thinks back fondly to the days when you loved your job. Now, you spend more time looking to go elsewhere than engaging with education.

Maybe you’re the administrator who is struggling with the climate and culture of your school but cannot put your finger on what’s really happening.

Maybe you’re the dissatisfied administrator.

The purpose of this book isn’t to judge any educator based on where they are on the continuum of engagement. The purpose is to provide the words that people need to describe their feelings so they can move toward healing.

Reignite the Flames, the follow-up book to The Fire Within, expands on the concepts of:

  • Educator mental health, resilience, engagement and disengagement

  • The connection between disengagement and mental health issues like burnout, secondary traumatic stress, and demoralization

  • The impact of stress and trauma on our brains and bodies

  • Strategies for self-care and re-engagement

There is no denying the challenge of being an educator, but there are opportunities to re-engage and be happy. Reignite the Flames provides the vocabulary and the roadmap to help.

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Powerful. Humbling. insightful.

Sometimes our “why” and our purpose gets clouded by the environment we live in. Reading this book was exactly what I needed. As someone who got into education for all the right reasons, I have found myself, at times, feeling disengaged and frustrated. Mandy has helped reignite my flame by making me recognize my power to overcome both my perspective and my situation. If you have ever doubted your ability to make an impact or to keep going, this book could be what you are looking for to reignite the flame that is still lit somewhere within you.

Dr. Dave Schmittou, Speaker, Consultant, Author

I love this book! It is relevant, relatable, and important. Mandy does an incredible job of weaving together personal stories and the neuroscience behind why we feel certain things. She then provides us all what we need: permission to forgive ourselves for burning out or being beat down, and shows us how we can come back from it. There is so much real-ness and relevancy here, layered on a level of legitimacy. Whether you’re fully engaged, or feeling burnt out, this book will impact you. Read it cover to cover, and then keep it close by. When you get beat down, let Mandy bring you back.

Jeff Gargas, COO/Co-founder, Teach Better Team, co-author of Teach Better

I do not consider myself a disengaged teacher, so when I began to read, Reignite the Flames, I didn’t think it would resonate as much as it did. I realized there were moments in my career when I experienced disengagement and found that the strategies offered here are ones which I had used unknowingly and which I can now name and implement if this ever occurs again. More importantly this book gave me a lens of empathy with which to support some of my peers who I now understand to be disengaged. Filled with research, personal anecdotes, and personal stories, this book is a must read regardless of your educational context.

Jennifer Casa-Todd, Teacher-Librarian and author of Social Leadia

This book came into my life when I thought it was time to leave the classroom. I was confused, lost, and heartbroken. I’d never imagined myself doing anything else. After reading “Reignite the Flames” I now have tools to center myself in what I once found passion in. It will take work, but I have the understanding and tools it will take to get my feet back on solid ground and make an informed decision on what’s next.

Teea Robinson, 8th Grade ELA Teacher

In Reignite the Flames, Mandy Froehlich empowers educators to rekindle their passion for teaching. This book delves deep into the truths about the struggles that many educators face and gives valuable insights and strategies to help us reignite our love of education and find happiness in the profession again.

Rob Dunlop, Technology Consultant and author of Strive for Happiness in Education

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