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From long-term coaching and consulting to presentations and keynotes, I have been fortunate to work with districts in a variety of capacities. This not only allows me to continue to follow my purpose in supporting educators but also work in classrooms and directly with students. It has been personally and professionally incredibly rewarding.

It also means that I consult in a variety of ways. Below I have included an example of my services, but it is certainly not limited to these options. Please contact me with questions.



Innovative thought is the catalyst to growing and moving forward. Igniting innovation is about looking and supporting opportunities for innovative growth in the district, building, or classroom. Innovation support may look like:

  • 1:1 Initiatives Consulting

  • Professional Learning in Blended Learning, Online Teaching Best Practices, Technology Integration

  • Tech Department Rebranding and Support

  • Building new programs such as Online Charter Schools or Programs

  • Support in the implementation of a Learning Management System such as Canvas or Google Classroom


Maintaining passion in such an emotionally driven profession is imperative to continue to tether ourselves to education and support students in the best way we know how. Passion support may look like keynotes, sessions, workshops, online courses, or webinars in:

  • Educator resilience and mental health

  • Self-care and mindfulness

  • Social-emotional learning

  • Innovative thinking and divergent teaching

  • And how they’re all linked!



When we are provided the support we need to move forward and do our jobs well, it will continue to fuel our purpose and light our way. Supporting purpose may look like:

  • 1:1 instructional coaching support for teachers in technology integration, blended learning, or personalized learning

  • Leadership coaching

  • Coaching for instructional technology integrators

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