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What we wear can say a lot about what we believe. Therefore, I have created some mental health merchandise that focuses on educators and non-educators alike. The idea? Someone might ask you about your shirt/mug/bag and it may give you the opportunity to have a conversation about mental health. It gives us the opportunity to normalize those conversations.

But this merch means more to me than even that huge benefit. I'm using all the proceeds to support teacher-owned small businesses. Currently, I am working with Caitlin at How to Get Away with Teaching who has a self-care box subscription site. Any proceeds will be used to purchase a self-care box for a teacher. 

So, purchasing an awesome teeshirt also provides money toward a self-care box that gets sent out...and you never know how much that person needed that right in that moment. It's the ultimate pay-it-forward, and you still get a cool new shirt.

Sign up below to get on the list if YOU are that educator that needs a box. 

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